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This is only part of what we do. Our capability extends beyond the standard categories.


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The mainstay of the bag industry, the backpack is the most popular category in the business for its versatility. Consumers are demanding more tech for less money. We are equipped to offer quality packs at any budget, depending on your needs and the latest trends.


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The tote has evolved. It’s no longer just a large handbag. Improved design and functionality now makes them truly multipurpose, moving from the shops to gym to work and back. Our in-house designers are ready to create and manufacture bags that stays current for seasons.


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It’s a growing sector and it’s moved way beyond the ‘fanny pack’ style, splitting into tactical, fashion, adventure and security. Practicality is key, as is the use of the correct materials to make sure it remains a quality bag, even at lower price points.


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The classic pack and travel bag is a staple. Simple, traditional and unfussy on the outside, now we are adding some indispensable internal features to organise and sort, plus modular additions to accessorise. We’ve made hundreds of thousands, so we know durability!


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Once the seen as the budget promo bag, this category has moved into a premium market. Surprisingly practical, we’ve seen them used as day trippers, gym bags and fashion accessories. With our plush hardware and quality materials, simplicity can be luxury.


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Thermodynamic innovation meets fashion meets utility. Whether it’s a family picnic bag or a delivery tool, they should to be made to last, above all. It’s all about the latest materials, and how we put them all together, that makes a visit to the beach memorable or secure better ROI.


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The hero in the battle against single-use plastic, the shopper is a reusable bag that is now the norm at any supermarket. Our latest designs are even stronger and more recyclable than ever before. Promotional or retail, we focus on price point without losing sight of the reason for their existence. To last.


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Buying a high end product comes with high expectations. In packaging consumer brands, it’s all about surprising and delighting, and including a bag to store that premium item in the purchase goes a long way to add value. These brands rely on us to match that premium experience with our bags.


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Instead of using single-use packaging materials to protect and preserve new products, brands are moving away from plastics and towards light fabric. Our aim is to make packaging that’s not just reusable, it’s bags that people actually want to reuse.