ASON BAGS is a market-leading manufacturer, contracted by some of the world’s top brands, making a wide range of bags, from value to premium luxury.

This is Us

Headquartered in Xiamen, China, we have 100% ownership and control of our primary production facilities, with a growing global production footprint. Our facilities feature leading-edge, semi-autonomous machinery, ensuring high-quality, sustainable, safe, and scalable manufacturing. We are large enough for optimized mass production and agile enough to offer highly personalised bespoke service.


Multinational design, operations & service


HQ & prime manufacturing site in Xiamen, China


China, Italy & South Africa

Diverse team

Seamless communication, smooth processes, strong relationships


High quality, sustainable, safe & scalable manufacturing


Leading-edge, semi-autonomous robotic technology

Production footprint

100% ownership & control over Asian production footprint

Production derisking

The Philippines – an alternative manufacturing site


Projects run on time, on budget and above expectation

What Sets

Us Apart

Our multinational team has diverse backgrounds in production, sales, design, engineering, marketing, sustainability, and trend forecasting. This unique perspective allows us to see the big picture when it comes to understanding our clients’ challenges.


Every order is different – so each client gets collaborative, personalised service.


We own our primary production facility and complement it with a network of trusted partners.


A multinational team with a range of skills ensure a big-picture approach to our service.


While pricing is critical, equally important is service and quality, which saves in the long run.


exceeding the minimum benchmarks

Our facilities regularly undergo rigorous evaluations conducted by global audit entities to ensure compliance with established standards. However, our ambition extends far beyond compliance. We are committed to not just meeting, but significantly exceeding the minimum benchmarks laid down by these audits. Our aspiration is to proactively achieve excellent production quality, the highest safety standard, favourable working conditions and to find more ways to reduce our impact on the planet, all while balancing costs.