The hidden costs of de-coupling manufacturing from China

The sun has not set on manufacturing in the region despite the pressure from global brands to ‘reshore’ production. Here’s what we at Ason Bags have learned during this process in solving a more complex challenge than we ever predicted. There’s history It’s nothing short of a global business phenomenon. For several decades, Chinese manufacturing […]

Embracing the Future of Packaging and Storage with Sustainable EPP

Transforming multiple industries, Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a highly versatile, closed-cell moulded foam material with a list of impressive properties compared to ‘traditional’ packaging materials, including durability and vastly reduced environmental impact. Since our first production run of EPP, our clients have been highly impressed by its outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, […]

How to choose the best bag factory – six important things to consider

Prototyping is an essential part of the order process – be sure your manufacturer offers this. Bags are an essential accessory. Virtually universal, they’re used by almost everybody, all over the world. After all, we humans have stuff, and we often need to carry it around. Sometimes in a backpack, a handbag, or a duffle […]

The secret to premium craftsmanship, in seven steps

Premium craftsmanship has to start at the very beginning, even before the craftsmanship begins. When working with top brands around the world, where their customers expect nothing short of excellence, we have learned that creating a pristine working environment is key to the highest quality standards. We have created an exceptional dust-free environment in our […]

How the war on Ukraine is a war on world commerce

The war in Ukraine has caused its inhabitants casualties of unimaginable proportions on every level. Likewise for many of the Russian people, who face the effects of sanctions and global isolation. For the rest of us (of course it pales in comparison) this has brought on a feeling of great unease. It’s as if we’ve […]

New materials – a big step forward in sustainability

Sustainability is a process and a work in progress. I didn’t come up with that profound thought. I read it somewhere, and it’s especially relevant to me now, just after we found some amazing new bag materials (and following my last post about sustainability). In that post I mentioned that certain recycled materials we tested […]

How sustainable is sustainability in consumer goods

I often wonder, whenever the subject of sustainability comes up, is there a point at which, sometime in the future a time when we are all living, interacting, traveling, consuming and discarding in sync with the environment and each other? Sounds far fetched. How far away are we? Pretty far. And, will we ever get […]

5 reasons China remains the world’s number one manufacturing nation

“This is excruciating!” one of our production consultants said to me last week. She’s been managing a prototyping process, in another region in which we are looking to manufacture. With the majority of our bag production in China, it makes sense to diversify, especially with new pressures on Chinese manufacturing (not just trade tariffs). The […]